Slovenia's strongest, professional strongman and powerlifter

Win, lose, or draw, I live in the moment and take on every day with discipline, passion, and the courage to push
myself to unknown limits. Champion, leader, all star, hall of famer; there are many titles I am striving for
in my career as a professional Strongman. But, the most important one will always be difference maker

Arnold Classic Europe 2017 Strongman Winner

Strongman Champions League 2017 World Champion

World's Strongest Man 2016 finalist

  • Matjaž Belšak and Arnold Schwarzenegger at Aronold Classic Europe 2017


What is competitive Strongman?

Competitive Strongman is one of the most popular strength (weightlifting) based sports. Strongman athletes strive to be, and probably also are, the Strongest People on Earth. Through different strength based disciplines, their sole goal is to lift as much weight as possible (for as many reps as possible). You might have heard of exercises such as atlas stone lifts, Axle press, deadlifts, farmers walks, Hercules holds, tire flips and yes, even truck pulls and car lifts.


Work hard until your idols become your rivals!

I was just a child when I first dreamt of becoming a professional Strongman. Ever determined and never willing to give up on the dream and sport I loved, I sacrificed much, enduring times of challenge and hardship, in order to reach the pinnacle of the athletic world.

  • 1992 Born strong.
  • 2008 Age 15, enters gym for the first time with a goal to become stronger.
  • 2010 Age 17, 1st Powerlifting meet, first National Records broken.
  • 2010 Turns 18, wins GPC Nationals.
  • 2012 Wins International GPC meet with 360 / 190 / 325 kg and enters the world of Strongman competitions.
  • 2015 Becomes PRO.
  • 2015 Ultimate World Strongest team winner with Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.
  • 2016 World Strongest Men finalist
  • 2017 Arnold Classic Europe Strongman winner
  • 2017 Arnold Classic Poland Strongman winner
  • 2017 SCL World Champion - won in Germany, Finland, Serbia and Netherlands.

Although Matjaž is one of the youngest professional Strongman athletes in the field, his age is no barrier; in 2017 he won Arnold Strongman Classic Europe and became Strongman Champions League World Champion. He’s also a World Record holder in giant dumbbell (102,5 kg: 9 reps / 60 sec).

Diet: 5000 to 7000 kcal daily
Squat record: 400 kg
Body height and weight: 150 kg, 187 cm
Hours training per day: 3
Out of the gym: graduated in Tourist Studies

Matjaž Belšak's goals:

Since his mentor, former Strongest Slovenian Gregor Stegnar, inspired him to try Strongman in 2012, Matjaž’s most important goal was to work hard until his idols became his rivals. And they did, in 2015 when he earned his pro card and officially became a professional Strongman athlete. In 2018 he will be “attacking” one of the most prestigious titles in the Strongman's sport.


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